Mushing Radio

Mushing Radio

A podcast about dog powered sports, the Iditarod and mushing!

About Mushing Radio

Mushing Radio is a podcast that was developed by executive producer, Robert Forto in 2009. Each episode, hosts Robert Forto and Alex Stein take a deep dive into dog powered sports, the Iditraod and more.

This show is unique because it is hosted from two different perspectives; Robert brings his experience as a musher and Alex as a fan and storyteller.

Mushing Radio is also the only show of its kind that is hosted on terrestrial radio anywhere in the world!

Each year Mushing Radio hosts its very popular daily coverage of the Iditarod and also releases a limited-run series.

Show Details

  • Every Week
  • 20-40 Minutes Long
  • 200+ Episoded
  • The Iditarod Through the Decades Series
  • The Serum Run Series
  • Daily Coverage of the Iditarod Each March

Where to Listen