What gear do you use?

Audio Gear

Video Gear

What Programs Do You Use for Editing and Production and Workflow?

Desktop: Hindenburg Journalist Pro (Audio), Adobe Audition (Audio), Premiere Pro (Video), Otter.AI, Jasper, occasionally iMovie. Canva

Mobile: Canva, Adobe Slate

How I license music for podcasting and Youtube videos: Soundstripe

Workflow: Canva (Desktop), Hootsuite, Switcher Studios, Zoom, Libsyn, Patreon, Trello, Godaddy for hosting, Keap, Square, Stripe, WordPress, Elementor, Sydney Themes

How Did You Get Started/Learn Podcasting and Video?

I (Robert) bought my first guitar in middle school and started playing music, although it took years to get good! In college I was in a band who thought we would be the next Nirvana or Alice In Chains. This was at the height of the Grunge Movement in the Pacific Northwest and I attended college in Portland, Oregon. As a small band we had to do all of our own soundboard duties and we recorded a demo using the cheapest music studio we could find and helped with all of the mixing and production.

Fast forward to more than twenty years later and we started a podcast in the lobby of our dog training center in Denver, Colorado in 2009. We never looked back! 

Video production is still a very steep learning curve but we are getting there. With the help of our friend, Jeremey T. Grant who is a professional filmmaker (The Timber Cross) we are learning, all be it slowly as we attempt to craft stories on a video format. 

How Did You Get Started Working With Brands?

In podcasting our first paid jobs came with working with smaller brands and offering up sponsorships/ads. Then came the occasional review of products. 

We have pitched on a few occasions but most of our work (maybe 90%) comes through our network: referrals, word of mouth, former clients, and/or social media. 

Robert Forto EDC Gear

Dog Training and Mushing Gear

Dogs are our life. Without them in our lives none of this would have been possible. As professional dog trainers and mushers we are really particular about the gear we use and recommend.

Here is just a portion of what we use: 

  • Mendota 6′ Slip Lead
  • Wilderness Athlete K9 Athlete
  • Non-stop Dog Gear CaniX belt 
  • Non-stop Dog Gear bungee leash
  • Sled Dog Systems dog sleds
  • ManMat harnesses 
  • Locally made ganglines, tugs, and necklines
  • Fat tire bike
  • Fat tire bike
  • Scooter 
  • Cart 
  • Snowhook 
  • Garmin inReach
  • Leatherman Skeletool
  • SkiDoo Expedition 900
  • SkiDoo Summit 800 
  • Honda Ranger 500 
  • Ray Allen fanny back 
  • Ray Allen nose work kit