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Mushing Radio

Mushing Radio is hosted by best-selling author Robert Forto (A Musher’s Dream) and a team of co-hosts that bring a unique perspective to the show. During the Iditarod race each March, the show is a daily podcast that covers the race with an in-depth analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Peak Experience

The Peak Experience podcast is hosted by Robert Forto, Miranda Sheely and Michele Forto. There are two shows on this feed, which also includes Wellness Wednesdays. On these podcasts the host discuss leadership, organizational behavior, team building and wellness. 

Rock n Coasters

Each week, Rock n Coasters follows a couple of coaster geeks and music lovers, Robert and Michele Forto as they share their travels across the country to find the greatest theme parks and music festivals. 

Listen here or follow Rock n Coasters on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. We also provide transcripts, show notes, and links to research for each episode.

Dog Works Radio

The flagship podcast for Dog Works Training Company that includes Dog Works Radio, Mushing Radio, Canadian Challenge Tales and two sun-setted shows, The Gypsy Musher and The Sibe Vibe. 

Podcasting for Dog Trainers

A podcast designed to teach dog trainers how to start an interview-base show that can help build brand awareness, generate leads and increase income for their dog training business.