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You can launch and grow a successful podcast. It takes journalism skills, hosting techniques, marketing prowess, and access to what’s going on in the industry. You can access all of these tips and insights through this exclusive community. Join to get access and make an impact with your podcast


This is a place to connect with fellow podcasters – whether experienced, just starting, or somewhere in between, there’s a place for you here.


Have trouble with an editing technique? How to crafty a newsworthy episode? Don’t understand how to monetize? Maybe you just need a little bit of encouragement. Christine & the Bright Sighted Podcasting Community can help!

"Robert truly motivated me to get the best from the work that I put in. Seeing his drive and passion for people is inspiring. His patience and counsel are still greatly appreciated."
Leah Morse
Rocky Mountain Classic Canine


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Let your voice be heard! Learn the ins and outs of successfully podcasting through a series of coaching and growth strategy sessions with First Paw Media. Whether your podcast is a personal or a professional means to establish and successfully grow your business or brand, let’s work together to get your story out there. 

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Streamline your production process.
If you’re looking to save time with editing, social media assets and are looking to incorporate video production of your show let the Bright Sighted Podcasting team help you out. We offer both audio and video strategy to successfully help you get your vision out into the world.

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Growth Strategy

Take your podcast to the next level and put your best foot forward. Clients usually book one -four of these sessions to help them through the development, launch and growth of their show.


You Record. We'll Take Care of The Rest

A full service solution to launching and producing your podcast.

We guide you through creating interview shows that drive revenue by connecting you with ideal prospects, referral partners and industry influencers in your niche.