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Tuesday September 5, 2023

Robert Forto Podcast Movement

Why Dog Mushers Need a Podcast

ANCHORAGE, AK, USA– Renowned podcaster, Robert Forto will be speaking at the Midwest Sled Dog Expo and Trade Fair about the benefits of podcasting for dog mushers at the annual event in Wisconsin on September 15-17, 2023. Most athletes will likely already have their own social media channels. They might use their feeds to post personal photos, promote products (common with well-known athletes), or something else. But this type of content is short form, and, it doesn’t give the loyal follower much to go on.  It’s the athlete’s job to build a personal brand and that is no easy task.

Enter podcasting. It’s a much longer form of content, so it’s naturally a better method of building a personal brand. Because getting into the ears of fans for multiple, hour-long episodes will have a better payoff than a few static images will. The host will have an enhanced opportunity to showcase their area of expertise, earn trust, establish themselves as a leader in their field, and pitch themselves as a household name.

 “Starting a sports podcast gives teams and athletes a platform to connect with existing fans on a deeper level, resulting in stronger connections. And the more engaged a community, the better. Podcasts are also a really intimate form of media. Audio has an added texture that allows emotions to be expressed more – making them more personal, relatable, and engaging than other outlets,” Forto states.

About Robert Forto

Robert Forto lives in the wilds of Alaska with a pack of sled dogs. He is a podcaster, a mid-life doctorate student, and the founder of a half dozen companies including  Peak Experience a growth strategy company where he helps individuals and companies map what’s next. His motto: REACH your PEAK.

Forto is an accomplished speaker and author, of A Musher’s Dream (Arctic House Publishing), In 2009 he launched Dog Works Radio and currently coaches independent podcasters on how to develop the right mindset to take their podcast to the next level. Today you will find Robert at where he writes about his trials and tribulations of trying to complete a doctorate degree when most people in life are buying fancy sports cars.

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About Mushing podcast

Mushing covers dog powered sports in a year-long format and focuses on the famous sled dog race, the Iditarod in Alaska. We are talking teams of sled dogs and mushers racing across some of the most extreme conditions in North America. So before they headed into their next season in early 2021, the brand partnerships team at First Paw Media decided to re-vamp their sports podcast. One that would take fans behind the scenes of the event. And in 2022, we officially joined forces to fully plan, produce, and distribute their show. 

Taking the above brief into account, we produced Mushing, A sports-punditry podcast giving die-hard fans of the sport insight & access to the 2023 Iditarod. The show is hosted by mushing pundit, Robert Forto and a small team of dedicated producers. Episodes are jam-packed with race predictions, on and off-trail drama, musher interviews, performance reviews, result breakdowns, and more.

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