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September, 12, 2022

First Paw Media Re-launches Podcast “Mushing Radio” to Explore the World of Dog Sledding

Anchorage, Alaska,– First Paw Media, a full service podcast production agency that helps launch interview shows for dog trainers and other professionals is excited to announce the re-launch of their new podcast, “Mushing Radio.” The podcast is now available on major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“Mushing Radio” is a podcast dedicated to the sport of dog mushing, and canine sports. Hosted by First Paw Media’s team. The podcast features interviews with dog mushing experts, discussions on the latest trends and news, and insights on competing in the sport.

The first episode of “Mushing Radio” is a tribute to the legendary Lance Mackey, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Mackey was a four-time winner of both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. On this episode the First Paw Media team, share stories and memories of their time with Lance.

“We are thrilled to re-launch ‘Mushing Radio’ and bring valuable insights and knowledge to our audience,” says Robert Forto the executive producer and co-founder of First Paw Media. “Through this podcast, we aim to provide useful information, interviews and tips to fans and enthusiasts of the sport of dog mushing, along with helping them stay up to date with the latest trends and strategies in the sport,” states Forto.

Launched independently by Forto in 2010, the podcast has featured a wide variety of interviews with athletes at the top of the sport, film makers, authors, thought leaders and has hosted nightly coverage of the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska each March since 2012. Recent, noteworthy guests including, Ryan Redington (2023 Iditarod Champion), Brent Sass(2022 Iditarod Champion and recent Yukon Quest Champion), Jason Mackey (2023 Red Lantern recipient), Eddie Burke, Jr. (2023 Iditarod Rookie of the Year), Rob Urbach (Iditarod CEO), Kourosh Partow (Sprint mushing champion), and Jeremy T. Grant (filmmaker). Listeners can subscribe to “Mushing Radio” on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and visit Mushing Radio’s website to learn more about the podcast and other episodes.


Robert Forto lives in the wilds of Alaska with a pack of sled dogs. He is also a podcaster, a mid-life doctorate student, and the founder of a half dozen companies including Peak Experience a growth strategy company where he helps individuals and companies map what’s next. His motto: REACH your PEAK.

Forto is an accomplished speaker and author, of A Musher’s Dream (Arctic House Publishing), In 2009 he launched Dog Works Radio and currently coaches independent podcasters on how to develop the right mindset to take their podcast to the next level. Today you will find Robert at where he writes about his trials and tribulations of trying to complete a doctorate degree when most people in life are buying fancy sports cars.

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First Paw Media is a full-service podcast production agency of mine that helps launch interview shows for dog trainers and other professionals to reach their target audience through an audio medium. First Paw Media provides coaching and content creation along with other services to professionals looking to create a strategy to meet their core audience.

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