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Monday, July, 10, 2023

Alaskan Podcaster to Take Spotlight at Podcast Movement 2023

ANCHORAGE, AK, USA–Podcast Movement, the largest podcast conference in the United States will hold its annual gathering in Denver, Colorado on August 21-24, 2023. Every summer since 2014, Podcast Movement has gathered thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world under one roof to learn, grow professionally, and most importantly evolve and improve the podcast community.

In addition, longtime Alaskan podcaster, Robert Forto (First Paw Media) will speak at the conference to share insights about building a lasting podcast and the mindset behind creating a quality show. In his talk, titled, The Hidden, secret formula, that we discovered after struggling for eight LONG years of Podcasting that led us to a million downloads, attendees will discover what actually matters (and doesn’t matter) when it comes to producing quality shows people want to listen to and will share. Along with the super-simple–even my seven-year-old can follow it–system to promote your show and other key takeaways.

“Podcasting in particular, has this amazing way of allowing people to host to uplevel their network. It really opens doors and creates opportunities. I can’t emphasize this enough,” says Forto. “So instead of focusing so much on the audience, if you focus more initially if you just think of the guest, the audience, and the listenership it will take care of itself, right? If you just think instead of who your ideal listener is, you think primarily about who’s your ideal guest. Whom do you want to build relationships with? Who do you want to serve? Once you take that approach, things can dramatically change,” states Forto.

About Robert Forto

Robert Forto lives in the wilds of Alaska with a pack of sled dogs. He is also a podcaster, a mid-life doctorate student, and the founder of a half dozen companies including Peak Experience a growth strategy company where he helps individuals and companies map what’s next. His motto: REACH your PEAK.

Forto is an accomplished speaker and author, of A Musher’s Dream (Arctic House Publishing), In 2009 he launched Dog Works Radio and currently coaches independent podcasters on how to develop the right mindset to take their podcast to the next level. Today you will find Robert at where he writes about his trials and tribulations of trying to complete a doctorate degree when most people in life are buying fancy sports cars.

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About First Paw Media and DOG Works Radio

First Paw Media and its flagship podcast, Dog Works Radio is an award-winning podcast that is a delightful and surprising look at the relationship we have with our K9 buddies. Started in 2009 and has produced more than a thousand episodes for dog owners around the world. Dog training experts and best-selling authors Robert and Michele Forto (A Musher’s Dream) take the listener into the scruffy, curious, and sometimes heroic world of dogs. On the podcast, the hosts pose questions: What does it mean to “own” a dog? Can dogs teach us compassion? How do dogs learn? What are your breed’s origins and what were they bred to do?

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